Black Bean Soup- It’s easy to make. All you need is four cups of cooked black beans,or two cans . Fresh seasonings,onions,garlic chopped. Cook seasonings in 2 tbs.olive oil two min. add beans and 2 cups liquid ,broth veg or chicken and 1 cup milk or sour cream, or even water .Cook all in one pot for 5 min. and blend and add salt and pepper to taste. Quick Cooking in Min. 20 min.( Less than waiting in line for fast food)

Green beans ,slice mushrooms ,slice carrots,whole ochros and onion,garlic,chive,celery, one teaspoon ground cumin ,i tablespoon saffron powder little ginger. Stir fry all in one large pan with two tablespoon olive oil. At the end of five min add quarter cup cream with one table spoon or two Dijon mustard and add to veg.stir two min and done. Less than twenty .Serve with rice or side dish. Healthy Food. Saffron or Turmeric and ginger is good for you.