Lentil, mushroom and almond burger . Mushrooms, lentils, chopped almonds, fresh seasonings. Pimentos, carrots . Sweet peppers, red and yellow .oats and. Read crumbs to bind burger. Boil lentils until soft but firm set aside . Have all other vegetables chopped together with mushrooms . Salt to taste maker ( Maggi) or taste Add all together form into patties and put into fridge for about two hrs. Cook on grill , bake or in pan .

Smoothie bowl made with frozen mixed berries and topped off with fresh fruits and homemade granola made with mixed nuts, sunflower seeds, chia seeds,oats and honey cooked in the oven for a few mins then cooled and bottled for toppings . Also a little shredded coconut . This smoothie have no added sugars all natural .